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Rabbi Geisler PDF Download
Rabbi Geisler PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 81
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Language: English
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Author: Unknown
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Rabbi Geisler PDF Download

Summary of Rabbi Geisler PDF Download

One of these systems, which will be called illusionism—solving the problem of evil by
denying its existence. In this system, evil ceases to be a philosophic problem because all of
material reality is considered an illusion. Rocks and trees, as well as pain and suffering, are taken to
be only illusions. Illusionism thus becomes the basis for a number of religions and philosophies in
both the East and the West.
Some Eastern religions, such as certain forms of Hinduism, have a doctrine called monism,
which states that all diversity in the world is an illusion. Ultimate reality is both one and good.
Therefore, things that appear in this world to be many and evil are actually an illusion. The illusion of
the external world is called maya, and the illusion of diversity is called mithya.

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