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Rage Stephen King PDF
Rage Stephen King PDF
No. Of Pages: 88
PDF Size: 584 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Richard Bachman

A violent early work by Stephen King, which he pulled from circulation because he thought it motivated adolescents to shoot up their schools, is one of the most sought-after out-of-print novels.

Despite the fact that King wrote “Rage” while still in high school in 1965, he did not publish it until a decade later, when his previous works had become successful. Richard Bachman is a pseudonym that King used when he wrote this book in 1977. In 1985, it was part of a collection of short stories called The Bachman Books.

Rage Stephen King PDF
Rage Stephen King PDF

When I acquired the collection at a used book store a few years ago, I came upon “Rage.” I learnt the tale of why King was concerned about its dissemination after discovering it was out of print.

The film “Rage” is about a mentally disturbed high school student who brings a pistol to school, murders staff members, and holds his Algebra class hostage. In a 2013 article called “Guns,” which was made into a Kindle Single, King said that he wrote the novel in a time and place that was very different from today’s.

King wrote: “I imagine if it had been written today, and some high school English teacher had read it, he would have hurried the manuscript to the guidance counsellor, and I would have been rushed into treatment.” But 1965 was a different world, one in which you didn’t have to take off your shoes before boarding a plane and high school entrances didn’t have metal detectors.

However, when King’s novel was released, the world began to change. After the novel was linked to four real-life school shooting episodes, he ordered his publishers to pull “Rage” from the shelves.

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