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Ranger Handbook PDF
Ranger Handbook PDF
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This publication’s primary target audience TC 3-21.76 Training Circular The Ranger Handbook is a book about US Army Rangers and combat arms groups. This book will be used by commanders and staff of Army headquarters operating as joint task forces or multinational headquarters, as well as trainers and educators across the Army. The Ranger Handbook was written primarily for US Army Rangers and other light infantry units, but it should also be useful for other US military units as it contains summaries of other manuals such as ATP 3-21.8, ADP 6-22, ATP 3-21.10, ADRP 3-0, ATTP 3-06.11, ATP 4-01.45, FM 6-22, FM 22-100, FM 3-21.8, FM 7-8, FM 3-21.10, FM 7-10, FM 3-90, and FM 3- It explains how infantry squad and platoon-sized forces execute combat operations in a variety of terrain. It refers to additional army resources to assure continuity.

This manual teaches squad and platoon commanders the duties, tactics, knowledge, and operational requirements for using combat multipliers in warfare. Contents: PREFACE HISTORY OF THE RANGER RECIPIENTS OF THE MEDAL OF HONOR LEADERSHIP IN CHAPTER 1 rinciples Command Assumption OPERATIONS CHAPTER 2 Procedures for Troop Leadership Intelligence in Combat Order of Operation Order in Fragmentation Checklists for Coordination Annexes Terrain Simulation Third Chapter SUPPORT FOR FIREMEN Targeting and Basic Tasks Interdiction Distance Estimated Risk Close Air Support (CAS) The Army’s Attack Aviation COMMUNICATIONS (CHAPTER 4) Antennas and Equipment Chapter 5 DEMOLITIONS Expedient Explosives Initiating (Priming) Systems Detonation (Firing) Systems Charges MOVEMENT IN CHAPTER 6 Formations Techniques of Movement Dangerous Zones PATROLSPRINCIPLES CHAPTER 7 Reconnaissance Patrols Are Being Planned Combat Patrols Assisting with Raid Tasks Contact Task Standards Movement REACT TO DIRECT FIRE CONTACT IN CHAPTER 8 BATTLE DRILLS (07-3-D9501) Carry out a Platoon Assault (07-3-D9514) Respond to an Ambush (Near) (07-3-D9502) Enter and Exit a Room (07-4-D9509) Respond to Indirect Fire (07-3-D9504) MILITARY MOUNTAINEERING IN CHAPTER 9 Planning and Training Organization of Dismounted Mobility Tasks Equipment for Rescue Mountaineering Supplies Installation of Ropes Specifications for MACHINE GUN EMPLOYMENT in Chapter 10 Automatic Weapons Types Defense Against Fire Machine Gun Command URBAN OPERATIONS (CHAPTER 11) Preparation for Planning Analyzing the Urban Setting Combat in Close Quarters WATERBORNE OPERATIONS CHAPTER 12 Preparation of Rope Bridge Poncho Raft Watercraft, Personnel, and Equipment Carry out Capsize Procedures The Movement, Navigation, and Formations of Rivers MOUNTED PATROL OPERATIONS CHAPTER 13 Forced Stops in Planning AVIATION (Chapter 14) Planning Sequence in Reverse Formations of Air Assault Operation of the Pickup Zone Specifications for Rotary Wing Aircraft FIRST AID LIFESAVING STEPS AND CARE UNDER FIRE CHAPTER 15 Injuries and Their Treatment Identifying Poisonous Plants Foot care, hydration, and acclimatisation are all important considerations. Obtaining Medical Evacuation RESOURCES (APPENDIX A) QUICK REFERENCE APPENDIX B INDEX OF CARDS GLOSSARY REFERENCES

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Ranger Handbook PDF Download

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