[PDF] Red Boat Wing Chun Kung FU PDF Download

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Red Boat Wing Chun Kung FU PDF Download
Red Boat Wing Chun Kung FU PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 148
PDF Size: 5.95 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Unknown
Source: Multiple source
Red Boat Wing Chun Kung FU PDF Download

Summary of Red Boat Wing Chun Kung FU PDF Download

There has been much written about Wing Chun and there are
vastly different historical accounts as well as viewpoints as to
what makes it work. I chose the title of “The Lost Art of Wing
Chun” because I have felt for many years Wing Chun has lost
its way or at least forgotten what it stood for when it was
being conceived.

Developed during a time of civil war, it was
designed for mortal combat and is considered in some circles
as the first of the human styles. An aggressive no nonsense
system that has become a shadow of its former self, this is
due largely to the fact that during peace time the pressure to
evolve is no longer there and systems can become stagnant.
So it’s up to us to apply pressure to keep the system evolving,
and I do this by encouraging my students to compete in a
variety of different arenas – boxing, kickboxing, grappling,
cage fighting etc. Anywhere where we can continue to learn
and test ourselves.

There are different ideals in the Wing Chun systems around
the world. Some are more like curators of a museum,
keeping the system that they have in its original form and
you have to respect that. For me, personally, this system was
designed during a time of civil war and needed to basically
absorb what was available at the time from many different

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