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Roberts Rules of Order PDF
Roberts Rules of Order PDF
No. Of Pages: 5
PDF Size: 218 KB
Language: English
Category: General
Author: Henry M. Robert

Robert’s Rules of Order, sometimes known simply as Robert’s Rules, is a parliamentary procedural manual written by U.S. Army commander Henry Martyn Robert. It was first published in 1876 as an adaptation of United States Congress norms and practises to non-legislative groups’ demands.Robert’s Rules of Order are the most extensively used parliamentary procedural guidelines in the United States. It oversees the meetings of a wide range of organisations that have embraced it as their legislative authority, including religious groups, county commissions, homeowners’ associations, nonprofit associations, professional societies, school boards, and trade unions. Before his death in 1923, Robert released four versions of the handbook, the most recent of which was the substantially updated and extended Fourth Edition, which was published in May 1915 as Robert’s Rules of Order Revised.

Other authors have written similarly titled guides based on Gen. Robert’s original work after his death. A number of these variants have been published in collaboration with a Roberts family trust, most notably Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) in 1970 and numerous more editions since then, created by the Robert’s Rules Association with permission from the family trust. The organisation hires an authoring team to continue reviewing and updating the book. On September 1, 2020, the 12th and current version of the RONR was issued. The availability of many versions and other modifications, all published under the name “Robert’s Rules of Order,” can occasionally cause confusion, as the various publications may differ in certain specifics.


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