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Screwtape Letters PDF
Screwtape Letters PDF
No. Of Pages: 98
PDF Size: 600 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: C. S. LEWIS

Screwtape Letters Summary

Somewhere, Screwtape’s letters were found, but C.S. Lewis won’t say where. He also won’t say how he found them. There is a devil named Screwtape, and the reader should not believe what Screwtape tells them. Then, the letters start to show up on the screen. He tells Wormwood how to get a British man, who is only called “the Patient,” to do bad things and end up in Hell. Wormwood is a new devil who has gone to a college to learn how to get people to do bad things. Screwtape, on the other hand, says that this college hasn’t taught Wormwood anything because its director, Slubgob, isn’t very good. By reading this letter, you can tell that the patient has changed his mind about being a Christian and going to church. People say that the patient is in his 30s or 40s and that he lives with and takes care of his mother, who is getting old.

The patient’s mother is a hard person. She asks for a lot of time and energy from the patient. Wormwood should try to make the patient think that being a Christian is a spiritual thing, not just a way to live in the world. After the patient prays, Wormwood should make him fight with his mother about small things that happen in the house and with his chores. It starts to form over the course of these early letters. Wormwood hides himself as he follows the patient around on Earth, making it hard for him to see. He whispers in the patient’s ear and encourages the patient to feel bad and to look for unhealthy distractions. Unlike Wormwood, Screwtape knows how to tempt people. He already has souls for Hell. Because of this, it looks like he has a middle-management job in Hell’s huge “Lowerarchy.” This is a devilish corporation that decides how to run Hell’s temptation strategies on Earth.

After World War II starts, the patient wonders if he will be called up. During the war, Screwtape tells Wormwood to take advantage of the patient’s doubts. Soon, there will be a period of relative inactivity. During this time, the patient meets new, unknown friends. This is not the case with these friends, though. They are wary and sceptical. Screwtape tells Wormwood that he should make the patient a hypocrite. His smart and sophisticated friends should make him think he is better than other churchgoers. Because he is a Christian, he is better than the other churchgoers because they aren’t like him. It looks like Wormwood is doing a good job of winning over the patient’s soul because of the bad influence these friends have had on him. However, soon, after reading a book and going for a walk by an old mill, the patient has his faith restored. For example, when the patient wakes up for a second time, the enemy, God, forms a barrier of grace around him that Wormwood sees as a stench.

Screwtape tells Wormwood to tempt the patient with sexual pleasures after the patient’s second change of heart. He tells Wormwood to make a list of all the young women in the patient’s neighbourhood who would not be good marriage partners for him. But then, the patient falls in love with the woman he meets. The woman has a huge impact on the patient’s life because she is a Christian and comes from a Christian family. It’s bad for Screwtape to like the woman. At this time, Wormwood tells Hell’s secret police that Screwtape wrote that the Enemy really likes people. In Hell, this is heresy. It goes against the main point of Hell’s teaching that the enemy’s love is a lie that the enemy uses to hide his own selfishness. Wormwood is still not making much progress with the patient. When Screwtape gets angry, he turns into a huge centipede. He is able to clear his name with Hell’s authorities by pointing out that the enemy’s love for humans is just an analogy for the enemy’s incomprehensible obsession with humans. This is a common thing that happens.

Meanwhile, World War II is back in the news. The Germans start dropping bombs on the patient’s home town, which is not named. Patient: His unspecified duties put him in danger. He soon starts to fear for his own life. This is how it works: In Screwtape, Screwtape tells Wormwood to take advantage of the patient’s cowardice, but not to the point where the patient asks for help with it. When there is a bombing, the patient does what he needs to do. Because he is afraid, the patient thinks he is a coward because he is afraid. The bad news for Wormwood is that Screwtape thinks it’s not good for him. He or she stays humble. Screwtape tells Wormwood that the patient’s soul is ready to go to Heaven, and he tells Wormwood to keep the patient alive as long as possible so that the patient can go to Heaven. He can then use the patient’s whole life to try to get him to leave the enemy and do bad things instead. He died during a German air raid, and his soul was taken to heaven. To make up for his mistake, Wormwood must take the place of the patient. There is no mercy in Hell, Screwtape says. Wormwood wants Screwtape to be kind to him. Screwtape ends the last letter by saying how excited he is about to eat Wormwood to death.

Screwtape Letters PDF
Screwtape Letters PDF

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