[PDF] Shells by Cynthia Rylant PDF (4.80 MB)

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Shells by Cynthia Rylant PDF
Shells by Cynthia Rylant PDF
No. Of Pages: 7
PDF Size: 4.80 MB
Language: English
Category: Education and Jobs
Author: Cynthia Rylant

In Cynthia Rylant’s Shells, a newly orphaned kid called Michael struggles to adapt to life with his aunt Esther. She has never had children and is adamant about her methods. Michael is lonely in the world. He misses his parents and is attending a new school where he has no friends. Desperate for companionship, Michael visits a pet shop in search of “some tiny living creature” to brighten his life. He locates the ideal pet. When Aunt Esther expresses an interest in it, both Michael and the pet begin to emerge from their shells.

Shells by Cynthia Rylant PDF
Shells by Cynthia Rylant PDF


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