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Shia Children’s Books PDF Download
Shia Children’s Books PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 329
PDF Size: 1.24 MB
Category: Religion and Spirituality
Author: Lesley Hazleton
Source: Multiple source
Shia Children’s Books PDF Download

Summary of Shia Children’s Books PDF Download

To prevent the “Russian novel eect,” when English readers are confused by several unfamiliar names, I used rst names for significant gures rather than complete names throughout this book. So, instead of Ali ibn Abu Talib, I substituted Aisha bint Abu Bakr, Omar instead of Omar ibn al-Khattab, and so on. I’ve only used complete names where there’s a chance of confusion; for example, the son of the first Caliph, Abu Bakr, is referred to as Muhammad Abu Bakr, which is an abbreviation of Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr.

For the sake of authenticity and consistency, and to respect the difference between the Arabic letters qaf and kaf, I have adopted the spelling “Quran” rather than the more familiar English rendering “Koran.”

Otherwise, I have used more familiar English spellings for major gures’ names (for example, Othman instead of Uthman or Uttman, and Omar instead of Umar) and have purposefully omitted diacritical marks (for example, Shia instead of Shi’a, Ibn Saad instead of Ibn Sa’d, Muawiya instead of Mu’awiya, Quran instead of Qur’an).

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