[PDF] Simplifying Fractions Worksheet PDF (3.63 KB)

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Simplifying Fractions Worksheet PDF
Simplifying Fractions Worksheet PDF
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We have a variety of worksheets available to assist your youngster in learning how to simplify fractions.

The sheets are rated in ascending order, with the simpler ones at the top.

The first sheet in the section is already supported, and the greatest common factor is supplied.

The last sheet is the most difficult and provides a terrific challenge for more capable mathematicians.

Simplifying Fractions Worksheet PDF
Simplifying Fractions Worksheet PDF

Using these worksheets will assist your child in:

  • Experiment with simplifying a variety of fractions.
  • Use their knowledge of the times tables.

Simplifying fractions is also known as reducing fractions to their most basic (or lowest) form.

This entails reducing both the numerator and denominator by a common factor in order to decrease the fraction to the corresponding fraction with the lowest numerator and denominator achievable.

More help, examples, and practise with simplifying fractions may be found on the printable fraction page below.

If you are stuck, the Simplifying Fractions calculator can show you working examples of how to simplify a fraction!


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