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Sivakasi Crackers Price List 2021 Pdf
Sivakasi Crackers Price List 2021 PDF
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Sivakasi Crackers Price List 2021 Pdf

Sivakasi Crackers is India’s biggest cracker manufacturer, renowned for its high quality. Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Telangana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and other states get their crackers throughout the year.

If you’re looking for the Sivakasi Crackers Price List 2021 PDF but can’t seem to locate it, don’t worry, you’ve come to the correct place. To assist you, we have included a pricing list for crackers on this page. SVR FIREWORKS & EXPORTS is one of the most well-known cracker manufacturers. Customers may get high-quality crackers from this firm. Customers have also provided positive feedback on their crackers. This firm sells crackers via the internet in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, and Gujarat.

Sivakasi Crackers Price List 2021 PDF

Sivakasi Crackers is a well-known manufacturer of pyrotechnics and crackers. They are aware of our clients’ demands, particularly during the holiday season, and consequently give lots of crackers. We make certain that all of our products are in good working order and that they are still within the manufacturer’s warranty period. Our goal is to make every event a great experience for you, so we thoroughly test all of our products before bringing them to you. Customers have given it a 4.5-star rating for service and product quality. Our mission is to provide consumers with only the highest quality products in order to provide them with colourful enjoyment at all functions and festivals.

For each celebration or occasion, you may get a variety of crackers. These crackers include magical noises and vibrant colours. Sivakasi makes crackers for children and teenagers. Customers’ demands are constantly met by the organisation, which offers the greatest items at reasonable costs.

SMP00100Hydro Bomb10 piecesPer box 57.60
SMP00101 Ganga Jamuna Bomb5 piecesPer box 54.00
SMP00102 King Bomb10 piecesPer box 81.60
SMP00103 Classic Bomb10 piecesPer box 96.00
SMP0098 Bullet Bomb10 piecesPer box 22.50
SMP0099Atom Bomb10 piecesPer box 36.00
SMP0053 28 Chorsa Crackers1 piecesPer chain 14.40
SMP0054 28 Giant Crackers1 piecesPer chain 21.60
SMP005556 Chorsa Cracker1 piecesPer chain 28.80
SMP0056 56 Giant Crackers1 piecesPer chain 43.20
SMP060 10 Chorsa1 piecesPer chain 6.00
SMP061 10 Giant1 piecesPer chain 7.20
SMP00128 Gauruda Color Matches – (10 Box)10 piecesPer box 14.40
SMP00129 Champion Deluxe Color Matches – (10 Box)10 piecesPer box 28.80
SMP00130 Annam Deluxe Color Matches – (10 Box)10 piecesPer box 84.00
SMP00131 Kids Wonder Back – 6 Varities6 piecesPer box 90.00
SMP00057 24 Deluxe x 2.751 piecesPer Box 33.60
SMP00058 50 Deluxe x 2.751 piecesPer Box 84.00
SMP00059 100 Deluxe x 2.751 piecesPer Box 183.00
SMP00069 Smart Pencil1 piecesPer Box 19.50
SMP00070 Disco Pencil Multi Color3 piecesPer Box 60.00
SMP00071 Magic Pencil3 piecesPer Box 54.00
SMP000022 Flower Pots (Red & Green)5 piecesPer box 144.00
SMP000023 Flower Pots Color Koti10 piecesPer box 180.00
SMP00016 Flower Pots Small10 piecesPer box 42.00
SMP00017Flower Pots Big10 piecesPer box 54.00
SMP00018 Flower Pots Special10 piecesPer box 63.00
SMP00019 Flower Pots Asoka10 piecesPer box 85.50
SMP00020 5 Color Shower5 piecesPer Box 96.00
SMP00021 Flower Pots Deluxe5 piecesPer box 165.00
SMP00022Flower Pots (Red & Green)2 piecesPer Box 144.00
SMP00038 7” Deluxe Pencil’s10 piecesPer box 16.80
SMP00039 10″ Delux Pencil10 piecesPer Box 33.60
SMP0004012” Delux Pencil10 piecesPer box 72.00
SMP00041 15″ Delux Pencil10 piecesPer Box 96.00
SMP00042 18″ Delux Penciil10 piecesPer Box 108.00
SMP0060100 Wala Crackers1 piecesPer chain 43.50
SMP0061 200 Wala Crackers1 piecesPer chain 87.00
SMP0062 300 Wala Crackers1 piecesPer chain 130.50
SMP0063 600 Wala Crackers1 piecesPer chain 261.00
SMP0064 1000 Wala Crackers1 piecesPer chain 360.00
SMP00652000 Wala Crackers1 piecesPer chain 720.00
SMP0066 5000 Wala Crackers1 piecesPer chain 1,800.00
SMP0067 10000 Wala Crackers1 piecesPer chain 3,600.00
SMP0068 20000 Wala Crackers1 piecesPer chain 7,200.00
SMP000190 Gift Box – No.1 (16 Items)16 piecesPer box 240.00
SMP000191 Gift Box – No.2 (21 Items)21 piecesPer box 300.00
SMP000192 Gift Box – No.3 ( 25 Items)25 piecesPer box 360.00
SMP000193 Gift Box – No.4 ( 30 Items)1 piecesPer box 420.00
SMP000194Gift Box – No.5 (35 Items)1 piecesPer box 540.00
SMP000195 Gift Box – No.6 (40 Items)40 piecesPer Box 780.00
SMP000196 Gift Box – No.7 (45 Items)45 piecesPer Box 900.00
SMP000197 Gift Box – No.8 (51 Items)1 piecesPer box 1,080.00
SMP00179 Gift Box – No.7 (21 Items)1 piecesPer box 0.00
SMP00180Gift Box – No.8 (22 Items)1 piecesPer box 0.00
SMP00181 Gift box No – 9 ( 23 items)1 piecesPer BOX 0.00
SMP00182 Gift Box – No.10 (25 Items)1 piecesPer box 0.00
SMP00183 Gift Box – No.11 (26 Items)1 piecesPer box 0.00
SMP00184 Gift Box – No.12 (27 Items)27 piecesPer box 0.00
SMP00185Gift Box – No.13 (28 Items)28 piecesPer BOX 0.00
SMP00186 Gift Box – No.14 (29 Items)29 piecesPer box 0.00
SMP00187 Gift Box – No.15 (30 Items)30 piecesPer BOX 0.00
SMP00188 Gift Box – No.16 (30 Items)30 piecesPer BOX 0.00
SMP00189 Gift Box – No.17 (33 Items)33 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00192Gift Box – No.20 (42 Items)42 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00193 Gift Box – No.21 (45 Items)45 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00194 Gift Box – No.22 (48 Items)48 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00195 Gift Box – No.23 (50 Items)50 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00196 Gift Box – No.24 (50 Items)50 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00197Gift Box – No.25 (55 Items)55 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00198 Gift Box – No.26 (60 Items)60 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00199 Gift Box – No.27 (42 Items) Family Pack42 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00010Ground Chakkar Big10 piecesPer box 31.50
SMP00011 Ground Chakkar Big 2525 piecesPer box 78.00
SMP00012 Ground Chakkar Asoka10 piecesPer box 45.00
SMP00013 Ground Chakkar Special10 piecesPer box 55.50
SMP00014 Ground Chakkar Deluxe10 piecesPer box 91.20
SMP00015Disco Wheel10 piecesPer box 96.00
SMP000029 Clash of Clans Fountain1 piecesPer Box 78.00
SMP000030 Thunder Birds Fountain1 piecesPer Box 78.00
SMP000031Golden Rain5 piecesPer Box 78.00
SMP00025 HAY DAY Fountain1 piecesPer Box 78.00
SMP00026 Looney Tunes Fountain1 piecesPer Box 78.00
SMP00027 Drum Beat Fountain1 piecesPer Box 78.00
SMP00028 Angry Birds Fountain1 piecesPer Box 78.00
SMP00032Fuji Green5 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00033 Amazing Red5 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00034 Silver Rain5 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00035 Rain Star Crakling5 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00037 Rainbow 5 Colors5 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00155 Jumbo Green Fountain1 piecesPer box 0.00
SMP00156 JUMBO Red Fountain1 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00157 JUMBO Silver Fountain1 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00158Serpent Egg Big (Per Box-5 Pcs) -10 box5 piecesPer dozen 22.50
SMP00159 Anagonda Egg1 piecesPer Box 8.40
SMP00160 5 Man Army5 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00161 Peacock Dance1 piecesPer Box 168.00
SMP00162 Paper Bomb1 piecesPer Box 57.00
SMP00163Gold Rain Fountain3 piecesPer Box 144.00
SMP00164 Photo Flash5 piecesPer Box 60.00
SMP00165 Shower1 piecesPer Box 60.00
SMP00166 Fancy Pencil2 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00167 Fly Bees Green1 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00168Fly Bees Red1 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00169 Glittering Flowers1 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00170 Cocktail3 piecesPer Box 108.00
SMP00171 Magic Tree3 piecesPer Box 108.00
SMP00172 X Mass Tree3 piecesPer Box 135.00
SMP00043 Fun Mazaa Maga5 piecesPer Box 135.00
SMP00044 Louts Wheel10 piecesPer Box 258.00
SMP00045 Photo Flash1 piecesPer Box 21.00
SMP00046Spring Flower Pots1 piecesPer Box 126.00
SMP00047 Music Pops1 piecesPer Box 129.00
SMP00048 Lalli Pops2 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00110Magic Pops10 piecesPer Box 9.60
SMP00111 Electric Stone Red10 piecesPer box 12.00
SMP00112 Electric Stone Green10 piecesPer box 10.80
SMP00113 Electric Stone Multicolur10 piecesPer box 14.40
SMP00114 Jerry 2 Color1 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00115Kit Kat (Ben 10)10 piecesPer box 28.80
SMP00116 Asraphy 3 Colors (Golden, Green, Red)3 piecesPer Box 36.00
SMP00117 Sky Shot Mini5 piecesPer box 90.00
SMP00118 Asrafi Big5 piecesPer box 27.00
SMP00119 Asrafi Small10 piecesPer box 48.00
SMP00120Chotta Fancy1 piecesPer box 42.00
SMP00121 Roll Cap100 piecesPer box 84.00
SMP00122 Shower Super Colour5 piecesPer Box 96.00
SMP00123 7 Shot Sky Function5 piecesPer box 97.50
SMP00124 Siren2 piecesPer box 150.00
SMP00125Magic Butterfly10 piecesPer box 105.00
SMP00126 Assorted Cartoon10 piecesPer Box 18.00
SMP00127 Snake Cartoon5 piecesPer box 36.00
SMP0014412 Shot Crackling1 piecesPer Box 144.00
SMP00145 12 Shot Color Deluxe (Red & Green)1 piecesPer Box 174.00
SMP00146 25 Shot Crackling1 piecesPer Box 216.00
SMP00147 25 Shot Crackling (Red & Green)1 piecesPer Box 270.00
SMP00148 50 Shot Crackling1 piecesPer Box 540.00
SMP0014930 Shot Multi Color1 piecesPer Box 420.00
SMP00150 60 Shot Multi Color1 piecesPer Box 840.00
SMP00151 100 Shot Multi Color1 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00152 120 Shot Multi Color1 piecesPer Box 1,680.00
SMP00153 240 Shot Multi Color1 piecesPer Box 3,360.00
SMP00154510 Shot Multi Color1 piecesPer Box 6,750.00
SMP093 12 Shot Color Crackling1 piecesPer box 126.00
SMP00104 Baby Rocket10 piecesPer box 36.00
SMP00105Bomb Rocket10 piecesPer box 54.00
SMP00106 Whissling Rocket5 piecesPer box 135.00
SMP00107 Lunik Rocket10 piecesPer box 96.00
SMP00108 2 Sound Rocket10 piecesPer box 114.00
SMP00109 3 Sound Rocket10 piecesPer Box 126.00
SMP00001 2.75” Kuruvi Crackers5 piecesPer box 7.20
SMP00002 3.5″ Laxmi Crackers5 piecesPer box 11.40
SMP00003 4” Laxmi Crackers5 piecesPer box 16.80
SMP000044” Deluxe Laxmi Crackers5 piecesPer pocket 21.60
SMP00005 4″ Super Deluxe Lakshmi Crackers5 piecesPer Pocket 28.80
SMP00006 4 ” Gold Laxmi Crackers5 piecesPer Pocket 33.60
SMP00007 4″ Mega Super Deluxe Crackers5 piecesPer Pocket 36.00
SMP00008 4″Premium Lakshmi Crackers5 piecesPer Pocket 43.20
SMP000092 Sound Crackers5 piecesPer box 27.60
SMP00049 Red Bijili Crackers50 piecesPer box 12.00
SMP00050 Stripped Bijili Crackers50 piecesPer box 15.00
SMP00051 Red Bijili Crackers 100 pcs100 piecesPer box 36.00
SMP00052 Stripped Bijili Crackers 100 pcs100 piecesPer box 42.00
SMP00132 2″ Fancy Sky Shot1 piecesPer Box 102.00
SMP00133 2.5″ Fancy Sky Shot (Sound Only)1 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00134 2.5″ Fancy Sky Shot1 piecesPer Box 234.00
SMP001353″ Amazing Thunder1 piecesPer Box 288.00
SMP00136 3.5″ Fancy Sky Shot1 piecesPer Box 315.00
SMP00137 3.25″ Fancy Sky Shot1 piecesPer Box 267.00
SMP00138 3.75″ Fancy Sky Shot1 piecesPer Box 345.00
SMP00139 4.51 piecesPer Box 360.00
SMP001403.5″ Fancy Sky Shot (Double Effect)1 piecesPer Box 435.00
SMP00141 3.5″ Fancy Sky Shot (Window)2 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00142 3″ Fancy Shot (ten effect)1 piecesPer Box 0.00
SMP00143 2″ Fancy Sky Shot (3 in 1)3 piecesPer Box 225.00
SMP0076 7 cm Electric Sparklers10 piecesPer box 8.40
SMP0077 7 cm Colour Sparklers10 piecesPer BOX 9.60
SMP0078 7 cm Green Sparklers10 piecesPer BOX 12.00
SMP0079 7 cm Red Sparklers10 piecesPer box 13.20
SMP008010 cm Electric Sparklers10 piecesPer box 18.00
SMP0081 10 cm Color Sparklers10 piecesPer box 19.80
SMP0082 10 cm Green Sparklers10 piecesPer box 21.00
SMP0083 10 cm Red Sparklers10 piecesPer box 22.50
SMP0084 12 cm Electric Sparklers10 piecesPer box 26.40
SMP008512 cm Color Sparklers10 piecesPer box 28.80
SMP0086 12 cm Green Sparklers10 piecesPer box 31.20
SMP0087 12 cm Red Sparklers10 piecesPer box 33.60
SMP0088 15 cm Electric Sparklers10 piecesPer box 42.00
SMP0089 15 cm Color Sparklers10 piecesPer box 48.00
SMP0090 15 cm Green Sparklers10 piecesPer BOX 51.60
SMP0091 15 cm Red Sparklers10 piecesPer BOX 55.50
SMP0092 30 cm Electric Sparklers5 piecesPer BOX 42.00
SMP0093 30 cm Color Sparklers5 piecesPer Box 48.00
SMP0094 30 cm Green Sparklers5 piecesPer Box 51.60
SMP0095 30 cm Red Sparklers5 piecesPer Box 55.50
SMP0096 50 cm Electric (Tube) Sparklers5 piecesPer Box 168.00
SMP0097 50 cm Colour (Tube) Sparklers5 piecesPer Box 204.00
SMP00074 1.5” Twinkling Star’s 10 Nos10 piecesPer box 21.60
SMP00075 4” Twinkling Star’s 10 Nos10 piecesPer box 43.50
SMP0074 1.5″ Twinkling Stars5 piecesPer Box 21.00
SMP0075 4″ Twinkling Stars5 piecesPer Box 31.50
Sivakasi Crackers Price List 2021 PDF

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