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Stephanie Seneff PDF
Stephanie Seneff PDF
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PDF Size: 1.04 MB
Language: English
Category: Health and Fitness
Source: Dr. Stephanie Seneff

There is no background in agriculture, chemistry, toxicity or biological sciences for an MIT computer scientist. The herbicide glyphosate (Roundup), which is used to eliminate weeds in fields of genetically engineered crops resistant to it, is blamed for many of society’s ills, according to Stephanie Seneff, for whatever reason. It is her contention that the increased usage of glyphosate in agriculture is linked to an increase in the incidence of autism, and she utilises a graph to establish this correlation. Anyone who constructs a case based on the assumption that correlation equals causation is instantly disregarded as a credible scientist. The prevalence of autism has risen in tandem with the rise in popularity of vegetarianism, yet no one is blaming vegetables for this rise. They’re also not saying that ice cream contributes to boating accidents, despite the fact that both occur more frequently during the summer.

Stephanie Seneff PDF
Stephanie Seneff PDF

As the people’s hero, a knight in sparkling armour, riding a white horse into war against an agricultural business that only thinks about profits, Seneff has been trying for years to build a global name for herself. Even though she’s been under fire before for her blatant misappropriation of science, her most recent tirade is hysterical. She is attempting to link the condition to glyphosate by using COVID-19 as a scapegoat. How? Biofuels and COVID-19 are being linked in an illogical way! Fuels like gasoline and aviation fuel may now be manufactured using biofuels instead of petroleum, such as ethanol made from the fermentation of plant products, such as maize. In addition to being a renewable resource, ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline, resulting in less pollution in the atmosphere.

He believes that because ethanol is made from genetically modified corn, the chemical glyphosate is present in the gasoline, which is then mixed in, leading to Seneff’s hypothesis. Inhalation of the glyphosate aerosol causes the “cytokine storm” that is characteristic of some cases of COVID-19 when the fuel burns. What proof does she have? She discusses the storey of Robert and Elizabeth Mar, a married couple in their 70s who both succumbed to cancer. “The Mars’ were both in their 70s, so they meet the profile of heightened sensitivity owing to older age,” she says in her own words. It was also close to Interstate 5, an 8-lane highway where trucks, buses, and other vehicles spewed hazardous exhaust fumes all day long. This may have been the most significant reason.


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