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Strongholds and Followers PDF
Strongholds and Followers PDF
No. Of Pages: 20
PDF Size: 2.30 MB
Language: English
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Source: Dungeons & Dragons

Fifth Edition Rules, First Edition Ideas

Matt Colville has DMed every edition of Dungeons & Dragons for over 30 years. He’s been running a YouTube channel for the last two years, providing advice on becoming a dungeon master. He’s worked on RPGs and video games, and he founded a firm to produce this book after raising over $2 million on Kickstarter. And he’s risen in NetHack. Twice

I say these things because knowing who Matt is is important because his voice is so strong throughout Strongholds & Followers. This isn’t a boring reference handbook; it reads like a conversation with Matt, full of asides, digressions, and explanations of why things operate the way they do. It’s critical to comprehend his strategy. The main concept of the book is based on AD & D, where characters of a high enough level may establish a stronghold and recruit a small army, or a ranger could gather a band of followers ranging from classed individuals to wild creatures, to a dragon or a giant. However, unlike those regulations, Matt does not require the DM to manage everything. The rules here are consistent with the present edition of D&D, being straightforward and basic while yet being open and permissive. These rules can be used by any character class, and they can be useful even when no one wants a stronghold.

Strongholds and Followers PDF
Strongholds and Followers PDF

What it is and is not

Strongholds & Followers is a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons supplement that includes rules for player characters to create bases that grant them extra or improved skills and allow them to gather tiny armies and personal followers to help them on adventures. There are many creatures provided that fit with the rules but might also be used in a dungeon or other situation. In the book, there is an adventure that gives the player characters a stronghold and shows how to use the rules in the book.

Strongholds & Followers examines the strongholds in an abstract manner. These rules govern how the stronghold operates and how it impacts the characters. It isn’t concerned with the finer points; this isn’t a book on the various costs of building materials, or how much a portcullis or hidden entrance costs, or how much it costs to outfit an army.

This is a lovely novel. There are several full-page paintings and even several two-page spreads in full colour. It is flat. The high production values are obvious, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the price increased in future printings.

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