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Suno Tum Sitare Ho Book Pdf
Suno Tum Sitare Ho Book Pdf
No. Of Pages: 224
PDF Size: 10.57 MB
Language: Urdu
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Ali Sherazi
Suno Tum Sitare Ho Book Pdf

Mr. Ali Sherazi wrote the novel “Suno Tum Sitare Ho.” Mr. Ali Sherazi is well-known on social media for his original and innovative ideas. Ali Sherazi has gained a reputation as a deep-thinking novelist in Pakistan, particularly with the publication of this book. When it comes to Ali Sherazi’s personal life, he was a failed matriculation student. A student with an uncertain future. Ali Sherazi may not have imagined that, after failing matriculation, he would one day become a Ph.D. scholar and get offers of lectureships from seven major nations throughout the globe. Mr. Ali Sherazi never anticipated as a youngster that he would one day become renowned across Pakistan as a result of a novel he wrote called “Suno Tum Sitare ho.” Ali Sherazi has always emphasised the importance of hard effort and achieving success via hard labour.

Feature of this Book :

  • Personality Progress
  • Society Progress
  • Personal Life
  • Motivation Book
  • Urdu Language Book

Main Topics Included :

  • Kamyabi Ka Falsfa
  • Kamyabi Ka Khawab
  • Khud Shanasi
  • Khud Ehtasabi
  • Kal Sy nhii AJ Sy Inshallah
  • Simaat Ka Tayuun
  • Hamari Zindgi ky BTS Tower
  • Importance Of Planning
  • Fysla Saazi
  • Kamyabi Aur Sehut
  • Shukar Ki Ahmiut
  • Insaani Saakh
  • Shadii Aur Kamyabi

We’ll now discuss Ali Sherazi’s novel “Suno Tum Sitare Ho.” This book is about the stars that have ceased shining, as the title indicates. To put it another way, this novel is about a guy who has lost hope in his life. This book has a favourable impact on everyone who believes that his life has come to an end and that he has no purpose in life. Anyone who reads this book will undoubtedly experience a good shift in their life and thoughts. This book will mysteriously shed light on this individual’s life. Another feature that distinguishes this book is that it not only educates you about the earth, but also about the afterlife, or day judgement. This book will show you how to communicate with the true creator of the world.

Three core ideas of the book

1:  How does a society rise and fall? And how we can improve our society.

2: What are the challenges and difficulties in the life of an ordinary man and how to react smartly to these difficulties. No matter what are the circumstances, he should never give up.

3: What is the responsibility of a common man for the evolution of the country and how does he have to fulfill these responsibilities.


“Suno tum Sitare ho,” says the narrator. Mr. Ali Sherazi has explained every element and feature of life in great depth in this book. His book demonstrates how thoroughly he considers all aspects of life. This book covers a wide range of issues, including human personality, social growth, the connection with Almighty Allah, the value of relationships, decision-making, thankfulness, failure, and many more. In addition, Ali Sherazi has written about several instructional experiences in his life so that others might learn from them.

In this post, we will discuss the features and personalities that distinguish this work from others.

Personality Development

This is one of the book’s most essential subjects. As soon as a person is born, he begins to participate in personality development. From birth to death, individuals strive to improve their personalities, yet some people fail to do so despite their best efforts. What causes this to happen? What factors contribute to a person’s failure despite their best efforts? Mr. Ali Sherazi has stated everything in layman’s terms.

Society Progress

What role does social advancement play in the growth of a nation? How important is it for the development of a country? What causes societies to fail, and what helps them to prosper? All of this is explained in this book. A society is a subset of a country’s population. These little communities are representative of a nation, which explains why social development is so critical to the country’s progress.

 How to get a successful and satisfying life?

A close examination of this book reveals how well Ali Sherazi has shown that it is human nature to strive to achieve. From the moment a person emerges from infancy, he begins to form his own dreams. Whether a person is wealthy or impoverished, all he wants is to see himself succeed. And in order to realise his ambitions, he must overcome several challenges. If a person has faced terrible difficulties before, he will be able to manage them successfully and will also be able to fly the flag of triumph over them. However, the issue of how we might gain expertise in challenging circumstances emerges. The solution to this question may be found in the same book.

Yes, if you want to learn how to deal with life’s challenges, how to push beyond your boundaries, and how to dream beyond them. Then you must acquire a love of reading. You’ll also learn how reading has impacted people’s lives in this book.

Personal Life

Ali Sherazi’s personal life is discussed in this book. After all, why would Ali Sherazi write a book about his personal life? The reason for this is because Ali Sherazi has applied all he has learned about success in this book to his own life. He acquired a love for reading, pushing his boundaries, and dreaming big. He pushed himself in every challenging situation and rose to the occasion. Mr. Ali Sherazi received this position today as a result of his efforts. As a result, he wishes for others to learn from his experiences.

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