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Super Dictionary PDF Download
Super Dictionary PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 465
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Language: Engllish
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Author: Unknown
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Super Dictionary PDF Download

Summary of Super Dictionary PDF Download

The entries on English phonetics have been omitted, as readers acquainted with the first version will notice. The rationale for this is that phonetics is rarely discussed under the subject of ‘grammar,’ and this terminology is better handled elsewhere.

The term ‘grammar’ is defined in this dictionary to include syntax and morphology, with the goal of covering terminology found in current English grammar literature. Related disciplines of study, such as corpus linguistics, historical linguistics, lexicology, (lexical) semantics, sociolinguistics, stylistics, and so on, are also covered in the dictionary, but only when the terminology is widely relevant to grammar.

The reader is directed to Peter Matthews’ Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics for a more thorough examination of terms from theoretical frameworks, particularly those from Generative Grammar and Systemic Grammar.

I’m grateful to the late Sylvia Chalker and Edmund Weiner for their outstanding work on the first edition of this book, as well as Rebecca Lane and Jamie Crowther at OUP for their assistance during the writing process. Finally, Jill Bowie’s thorough copy-editing and Donald Watt’s proofreading are to be thanked.

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