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The Bluest Eye Pdf
The Bluest Eye PDF
No. Of Pages: 221
PDF Size: 512 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Toni Morrison

Claudia, nine, and Frieda, ten, MacTeer, live with their parents in Lorain, Ohio. The girls’ parents are more concerned with making ends meet than lavishing attention on their children during the end of the Great Depression, yet there remains an undertone of affection and stability in their family. Henry Washington, a boarder, and Pecola, a small child, are taken in by the MacTeers. Claudia and Frieda sympathise with Pecola’s father, who attempted to set fire to his family’s home. Pecola adores Shirley Temple, feeling that whiteness is attractive while she is unattractive.

Pecola returns to her family, and her life becomes more difficult. Her father is an alcoholic, her mother is distant, and the two of them frequently fight. Sammy, her younger brother, is prone to fleeing. Pecola feels she would be adored and her life would be improved if she had blue eyes. Meanwhile, she is constantly reminded of her own ugliness: the grocer stares right through her when she buys chocolates; boys make fun of her; and a light-skinned girl named Maureen, who befriends her for a short while, makes fun of her as well. She is falsely accused of murdering a boy’s cat, and his mother refers to her as a “nasty little black bitch.”

We discover that Pecola’s parents both had rough lives. Her mother, Pauline, has a lame foot and has always felt alone. She loses herself in movies that reaffirm her belief that she is unattractive and that romantic love is only for the beautiful. To emphasize her own status as a martyr, she promotes her husband’s aggressive conduct. When she’s at work, cleaning a white woman’s house, she feels most alive. She adores this house while hating her own. Cholly, Pecola’s father, was raised by his great aunt when his parents abandoned him when he was a teenager. Two white guys humiliated him by catching him having sex for the first time and forcing him to continue while they watched. He fled to find his father, but he was turned down. He was a wandering, rootless guy until he met Pauline. He has lost interest in life and feels stuck in his marriage.

The Bluest Eye PDF
The Bluest Eye PDF

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