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The Fat Revolution PDF Download
The Fat Revolution PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 344
PDF Size: 26 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Unknown
Source: Multiple source
The Fat Revolution PDF Download

Summay The Fat Revolution PDF Download

I also know what it is like to carry extra fat around. I’ve never been
more than a couple of stone overweight, but my weight has fluctuated
throughout my life. Before I discovered the principles and methods I’ll
share with you in this book, I was locked in a constant battle to either get
to or maintain a body shape I felt happy with. I’ve also worked with many
people who have lost a lot more weight. The Fat Burn Revolution
programme has made incredible and lasting changes to their lives

It got almost to the point of a phobia. I’ve never admitted this publicly
before, but in my last year at I school I used to pretend that the silver
christening bangle I wore on my wrist was too small to fit over my hand
and I couldn’t take it off. Jewellery was banned in PE class, so the
teachers said I couldn’t join in unless I had it cut off. I refused, saying it
was sentimental. So instead of taking part in games, they sat me at a
desk in a corridor and made me copy out the rulebook of a different sport
each week. It was supposed to be a punishment, but I was more than
happy with the arrangement – that indignity didn’t come close to the
mortification of being the last girl on the bench when teams were picked.

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