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The Giving Tree PDF
The Giving Tree PDF
No. Of Pages: 27
PDF Size: 9.44 MB
Language: English
Category: Education and Jobs
Author: Shel SilverStein

Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree is a children’s picture book written and illustrated in the United States. It was first published by Harper & Row in 1964 and has since become one of Silverstein’s most well-known works, having been translated into various languages.

This book has been called “one of the most polarising stories in children’s literature” because of the debate over whether the main characters’ connection (a boy and the namesake tree) should be regarded as positive (i.e., the tree provides the youngster with unselfish love) or negative (i.e., the boy and the tree have an abusive relationship).

The Giving Tree PDF
The Giving Tree PDF


The storey recounts the lives of an apple tree and a boy as they form a friendship. The tree is extremely “giving,” and the kid grows into a “taking” adolescent, a middle-aged man, and eventually an old man. Despite the fact that the youngster grows older in the novel, the tree refers to him as “Boy” throughout his life.

The boy used to adore climbing the tree’s trunk, dangling from her branches, carving “Me + T (tree)” into the bark, and eating her apples as a youngster. However, as the boy grows older, he spends less time with the tree and visits her only when he needs material items at various stages of his life or when he is not alone (such as bringing a lady friend to the tree and carving “Me + Y.L.” (her initials, often assumed to be an acronym for “young love”)) into the tree. To make the kid happy at each step, the tree offers him pieces of herself that he may turn into tangible objects, such as money (from her fruit), a home (from her branches), and a boat (from her trunk). “The tree was joyful” at each level of gifting.

The Giving Tree PDF
The Giving Tree PDF

Both the tree and the youngster feel the pain of their respective “giving” and “taking” natures in the closing chapters. At least for the time being, when the tree is reduced to a stump (complete with the engraving “Me + T”), she is dissatisfied. The youngster reappears as a haggard old man to confront the tree once again. She expresses her sadness that she is unable to supply him with shade, apples, or other items as she has in the past. He dismisses this (because his teeth are too weak for apples, he is too old to swing on branches, and he is too tired to climb her trunk) and declares that all he needs is “a peaceful place to sit and relax,” which the tree, despite being a stump, may provide.”The Tree was delighted” with this last level of gifting.


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