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The Horse and His Boy PDF
The Horse and His Boy PDF
No. Of Pages: 128
PDF Size: 2.09 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: C.S LEWIS

The Horse and His Boy Summary

This is the fifth of the Narnia books that were written by C.S. Lewis, and it is called The Horse and His Boy. When Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund were kings and queens of Narnia, they went on a great adventure that took place while they were there. He is the son of a fisherman in Calormen. After hearing that his “father” is going to sell him into slavery, he talks to the Taarkaan’s horse, a talking horse from Narnia, who is the Taarkaan’s best friend. The two decide to run away and go north to Narnia, where they will meet up with their friends.

Lions, they think, force them to meet up with a young noblewoman, Aravis, and her horse, Hwin, as they go through the woods. They meet up with them. In order to avoid a marriage of state, Aravis is running away. Their journey takes them through many twists and turns. Shasta discovers that he is the Prince of Archenland’s exact match, and they have a lot of fun together! (a small buffer country between the larger Narnia and Calormen).

He is taken to the palace when he is mistaken for Prince Corin. He learns that Queen Susan is in Calormen to be wooed by Prince Corin. But she has said no, and he doesn’t want her to leave. However, she is planning to leave in a hidden way.

It also turns out that the Prince is planning a secret desert attack on Archenland and Narnia. In a race against time, Aravis and Shasta make it across the desert to tell the King of Archenland that someone is going to attack. At the end of their journey, as they are getting too tired to keep going, they are attacked and chased by a lion. They stop at a hermit’s cottage in Archenland.

She goes on her own and goes to find King Lune to tell him about the attack. He gets lost on the way and gets help from Aslan, who he learns has been protecting him the whole time. In the end, it was Aslan who made him meet up with Aravis, and Aslan chased them so they could make it to Archenland.

Shasta tells the king about the invasion in time for him to build an army to fight it off, so he can do it. It turns out that Shasta is the long-lost son of King Lune and a twin to Prince Corin, who is his double. So it’s true that Shasta will one day be king. It is decided that Aravis will stay in Archenland’s court for a long time. One day, she and Shasta will get married and run the kingdom together.

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