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The Kite Runner PDF
The Kite Runner PDF
No. Of Pages: 374
PDF Size: 1.41 MB
Language: English
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The Kite Runner Summary

The plot jumps ahead to winter, when the kite-fighting event takes place. Boys cover their kite strings with glass and compete to see who can sever the rival kite’s string first. When a kite goes missing, boys follow it down and retrieve it, a practise known as “kite running.” Hassan sets out to run the losing kite after Amir wins the competition. Amir searches for him and discovers Hassan cornered with his trousers down at the end of an alley. Assef rapes him as Wali and Kamal restrain him. Amir flees, and when Hassan returns with the kite, Amir claims he has no idea what transpired. Following that, Amir and Hassan drift apart. Amir, plagued with remorse, determines that either he or Hassan must depart. He hides money and a watch beneath Hassan’s pillow and informs Baba that Hassan took them. When Baba confronts them, Hassan admits to it, despite the fact that he did not commit the crime. Ali and Hassan leave shortly after.

The plot shifts to March 1981. Baba and Amir are hiding in the back of a truck as they flee Kabul, which has been overrun by the Soviets and has turned into a battle zone. They arrive in Pakistan after a gruelling trek. Baba and Amir are now living in Fremont, California, after two years apart. Amir completes high school and attends college while Baba works at a petrol station. On Sundays, Baba and Amir sell items in a flea market, and Baba runs into an old buddy, General Taheri. Soraya, the daughter of General Taheri, is noticed by Amir. When Amir eventually speaks to her, General Taheri intercepts him and informs him that there is a right way to do things. Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer not long after. Amir asks Baba if he would obtain General Taheri’s permission to marry Soraya. The suggestion was accepted by General Taheri. Because of Baba’s condition, the wedding is rushed, and Baba dies a month later. While Amir focuses on his literary profession, he and Soraya strive in vain to conceive a child.

Amir receives a phone call from Rahim Khan. Rahim Khan is ill and wishes to meet Amir in Pakistan. Rahim Khan informs Amir about the damage in Kabul when they meet a week later. He claims that once the Soviets were thrown out, things only grew worse. The Taliban now govern by brutality. He has a request for Amir, but first he must inform him about Hassan. Rahim Khan kept an eye on Baba and Amir’s residence after they departed Afghanistan. He wanted to locate Hassan out of loneliness and because he was getting older. He persuaded Hassan and Hassan’s wife, Farzana, to accompany him back to Kabul. Sohrab, Farzana and Hassan’s son, was born finally. Rahim Khan returned to Pakistan for medical treatment a few years later, but he received a phone call from a neighbour in Kabul. The Taliban went to Baba’s house and killed Hassan and Farzana before sending Sohrab to an orphanage.

Rahim Khan wants Amir to go to Kabul and bring Sohrab back to Pakistan, where he would be cared for by a couple. He informs Amir that Baba is Hassan’s father, and Amir agrees. Amir arrives in Afghanistan and discovers the orphanage where Sohrab is supposed to reside, but he is not there. According to the orphanage’s director, Sohrab was abducted by a Taliban official around a month ago. If Amir wants to find the official, he will be at the soccer stadium the next day during the game. Amir attends the game, and during halftime, the Taliban place a man and a woman in holes in the ground, and the official Amir searches for stones to kill them. Amir arranges a meeting with the official through one of the Taliban guards.

When they meet, Amir informs the official that he is looking for a youngster named Sohrab, and the official instructs the guards to bring the boy in. Sohrab is dressed in a blue silk suit and mascara, giving him a more feminine appearance and implying that the males sexually assaulted him. When the official says something Amir recognises, he learns that the official is Assef. Assef claims to have some unfinished business. He thrashes Amir with his brass knuckles, breaking his ribs and tearing his lip. Sohrab uses his slingshot to threaten Assef, and when Assef rushes at him, Sohrab shoots him in the eye, allowing Amir and Sohrab to flee. As Amir recovers in the hospital, he discovers that there was never a pair that could care for Sohrab. Amir invites Sohrab to live with him in the United States, and Sohrab accepts.

Adoption officials inform Amir that adopting Sohrab will be impossible since he cannot verify that Sohrab’s parents are deceased, and Amir informs Sohrab that he may have to return to an orphanage. Amir and Soraya devise a plan to bring Sohrab to the United States, but before they can inform him, Sohrab attempts suicide. He is still alive, but he has stopped speaking. Sohrab stays reclusive even after they bring him to California. They went to a park with other Afghans one day. Kites are being flown. Amir purchases one and convinces Sohrab to fly it with him. They come across another kite and engage in combat with it. They win by employing one of Hassan’s favourite techniques. Sohrab grins, and as the errant kite flies away, Amir sets out to retrieve it for Sohrab.

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