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The Little Prince PDF
The Little Prince PDF
No. Of Pages: 89
PDF Size: 1.03 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The narrator introduces himself as a guy who was taught as a kid that grownups lacked creativity and comprehension. He is now a pilot who was killed in a plane accident in the desert. When he encounters a little child who requests a photograph of a sheep, the narrator is constrained. The storyteller, who refers to the youngster as a tiny prince, discovers that he is from a very small planet, which the narrator believes to be the asteroid B-612. The tiny prince tells the storyteller about his life over the following several days.

The prince spends his time on his asteroid-planet, which is a little bigger than a home, plucking the baobab trees; otherwise, he may grow huge enough to consume a small world. One day, a human was born on the planet Rose, and the prince adored her. Her pride and expectations, however, are too much for the prince, and he departs.

The prince travels on a sequence of asteroids, each of which is a grown man reduced to a ritual. The first king demands allegiance but does not have a subject until the prince arrives.The only other person on earth is a haughty guy who desires something snappy from the princes. The prince then encounters an alcoholic, who advises him to forget about how humiliating it is to drink and drink. The fourth planet brings the prince to a businessman who claims to be the master of the stars, and it is critical that he understands how many stars there are.

The prince is then met with a candle, which, despite the fact that his planet moves so quickly once every evening, obeys the instruction to light the lamp and extinguish it every day. It’s also morning. The prince eventually lands on a planet inhabited by a geographer. The geographer, on the other hand, knows nothing about his planet since his main duty is to report what the explorers tell him. He asks the prince to explain his primary planet, but when the prince mentions flowers, geographers reply that they aren’t documented since the flowers are made up. The geographer predicts that the tiny prince will pay a visit to Earth.

On Earth, he encounters a prince snake who claims to be able to transport him back to his home, as well as a flower who informs him that humans lack roots. He arrived at the rose garden and, as he said, was dismayed to learn that his cherished rose was not the only one in the world. Then a fox appears and informs him that if he can manage the fox—that is, develop a relationship with the fox—they would become unique and a source of pleasure for each other.

The narrator and the young prince have now been in the desert for eight days, and the water has run out. The two then trek through the desert in search of a well, which they mysteriously locate. The small prince informs the narrator that he intends to return to his planet and flowers that night, and the stars will now make sense to the narrator, as he learns that his buddy lives on one of them. To return to his world, he must be bitten by a deadly snake. The narrative picks up six years later. The narrator reports that the prince’s corpse vanished in the morning, indicating that he has returned to his world, and he wonders whether the dragon sheep ate his flower. He eventually begs the tiny prince to rescue him if he ever encounters him.

The Little Prince urgently tries to paint attractive portrayals of those who are closed-minded. Children, on the other hand, absorb information with an open mind and a willingness to learn about their surroundings. The fox’s enigma to the prince expresses the fable’s fundamental theme: “What is good is perceived only by the heart; what is required is invisible to the sight.”

In 1943, the work was released in both French and English (the book did not appear in France until 1946). The Little Prince was met with scepticism by critics and did not instantly become popular. couldn’t tell whether the book was for kids or adults, but British novelist P.L. Travers thought it had all the ingredients for a children’s tale. “It is true even in the inner sense; it provides no explanation and contains morality.”

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