[PDF] The Look of Love Book Tattoo PDF Download

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The Look of Love Book Tattoo PDF Download
The Look of Love Book Tattoo PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 233
PDF Size: 11.77 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Fip Buchanan & Marc Balanky
Source: Multiple source
The Look of Love Book Tattoo PDF Download

Summary of The Look of Love Book Tattoo PDF Download

Tattooing has evolved a great deal since I’ve been
involved with it. There are so many styles and trends that
have come and gone, and some of the better ones have
stayed. The language of tattoo design has expanded
tremendously, which is one of many reasons why
tattooing has become so popular. In the good old days of
tattooing, the imagery was very limited. A lot of those
standard designs, and the style they were tattooed in, is
now referred to as American Traditional. Even when I
first began tattooing in 1979, eagles, skulls, anchors,
cartoon characters, weren’t part of a specific genre.

were just tattoos. Now there is American Traditional,
Tribal, Black and Gray, Celtic, New School, Realistic,
Biomechanical, Japanese, and who knows what else.

With the expanded design options, more people can
relate to tattooing, and find, or create, a design that
resonates with them. Therefore the demographic of
tattooing has expanded. With unlimited design choices,
the tattoo clientele has also become unlimited. Gone are
the days of pointing at a design on the wall and saying,
“I’ll take that one!” Custom tattooing is now the norm.

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