[PDF] The Lost Pilgrim Gene Wolfe PDF Download

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The Lost Pilgrim Gene Wolfe PDF Download
The Lost Pilgrim Gene Wolfe PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 17
PDF Size: 61.3 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Gene Wolfe
Source: Multiple source
The Lost Pilgrim Gene Wolfe PDF Download

Summary of The Lost Pilgrim Gene Wolfe PDF Download

I resolved to keep a diary before leaving my own period, and I assured several others that I would, promising to show it to them when I returned. I arrived yesterday without capturing any Pukz and without compiling any content.

There could not have been a more ominous start.

I’m not going to eat any of my emergency provisions. I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat, but what a ridiculous way to start! No. Certainly not. Allow me to finish this before I go in search of breakfast.

Let’s get started. I find myself on a beach that is both gorgeous and deserted, yet it is far too hot and shadeless to be enjoyable. “It’s so empty,” I responded, but how could I express how empty it is? (Pukz 1-3) As you can see, there is sun and there is water, with the former being very hot and bright and the latter being unusually blue and clean. There’s no one around to provide shade, and there’s no one who can— a sail! This beach is being approached by a vessel of some sort. It appears to be too small, yet it could be the case.

(Puk number 4)

I’m not sure how I’m going to express all that happened today. There was far too much of it. I can only provide a general outline. But first, I’d like to state that I’m not sure why I’m here, if I ever was. I had no doubts on the beach last night, shortly after arriving. Either I knew why I came or I didn’t give it a second thought.

They were going to send me out to join whatever mission it was—the little fellow with the glasses—at one point. But I don’t believe this is it; I believe it is something else.

It won’t be the man who gets nailed up; it’ll be me. I’m confident it will. Metal misunderstanding is unavoidable during such a regression phase. Is it metal I’m referring to? Women wore gold or brass armour. That sort of thing. A huge line of them marched out onto the beach, all dressed in gold armour. I had no idea they were females.

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