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The Man in the Black Suit PDF
The Man in the Black Suit PDF
No. Of Pages: 25
PDF Size: 191 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels

The Man in the Black Suit Summary

“The Man in the Black Suit” tells the storey of Gary, a nine-year-old kid whose sibling died recently as a result of a bee sting. Gary goes fishing one day and falls asleep. When he awakens, he is horrified to find a bee on the tip of his nose. Gary is terrified, despite the fact that he does not have his brother’s allergy to them. Suddenly, he hears a clap, and the bee is no longer alive. When Gary turns back, he sees a figure with blazing eyes staring at him. The man, dressed in a black three-piece suit, had pale skin and claw-like fingers. When he grins, his jaw opens to reveal hideous shark-like fangs. The man, whose body odour smells like burnt match heads, tells Gary awful things: his mother died while he was abroad; his father plans to molest him; and he (the man) plans to devour him. Gary first did not believe him. He quickly learns, however, that the man is the devil. He flees by throwing a fish he had caught at the man. The man in the black suit, on the other hand, eats the fish whole and chases Gary to the fringes of the woodland. Gary believes he’s lost him until he notices the man just behind him. Gary rushes deeper into the trees, throwing his fishing pole at the man. Gary returns home and tells his father a falsehood about what occurred while he was fishing. Gary trusts the man until he sees his mother in the kitchen. Gary recognises that the man’s claims were untrue. Despite this, he would be tormented by the experience for the rest of his long life.

Gary narrates the storey from his vantage point as a senior citizen. He is troubled by the idea that he avoided the devil via mere luck or his own cleverness. As the narrative concludes, we find that he is terrified of his impending death and the potential of another meeting with the guy in the black suit. Gary understands that he will not be able to outwit or outpace him in his old age.

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