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The Rocking Horse Winner PDF
The Rocking Horse Winner PDF
No. Of Pages: 14
PDF Size: 2.11 MB
Language: English
Category: Education and Jobs

The Rocking Horse Winner Summary

D.H. Lawrence wrote the short tale “The Rocking Horse Winner.” It was initially published in Harper’s Bazaar magazine in 1926, and was later gathered in Lawrence’s first collection of collected short tales. “The Rocking Horse Winner” relates the storey of a little kid who tries to alleviate his family’s financial difficulties by correctly predicting the outcome of horse races, a feat he does by riding his toy rocking horse for hours until he achieves clairvoyance.

The storey is typical of Lawrence’s work in that it explores how modern materialism can become a corrupting influence; the family’s money worries in “The Rocking Horse Winner” may also be a reflection of Lawrence’s own childhood as the child of struggling working-class parents, which provided fodder for many of his early works. “The Rocking Horse Winner” has since become one of Lawrence’s most well-known stories, and it was made into a feature-length film in 1949.

The Rocking Horse Winner PDF
The Rocking Horse Winner PDF

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