The Transparent Sun Summary

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The Transparent Sun Summary
The Transparent Sun Summary
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The Transparent Sun Summary

Zenaida’s voice was mocking as she stated, “That woman is back.” She swung away from the window that looked across to the governor’s office in the regional capital. She paused in front of the wall-mounted full-length mirror to inspect her freshly teased hair. Despite the tight pink jersey, her knees were white and silky. Once she was inside, she slammed the door shut hard.

An old plaster crucifix beside the entrance shook with the force of the door slamming shut behind us. With pink eyes that appeared like sun spots on the shellacked walls of Narra, her cat was an angry ball of petulant sun. She hopped up on the piano bench and stared around the long hall, which was decorated with fading old photographs.

Don Julio tried to remember what his wife had said as he looked up from the morning papers that had just come from Manila. He was alerted by the exact sound of the door lock slamming. At the age of seventy, after marrying three women in their early twenties, he couldn’t relate to Zenaida, the white-skinned cashier at his lone moviehouse in the capital.

While sitting in the rattan chair with the newspaper folded between his belly and knees, the obituary page, which he checked first and last to keep track of the deaths of long-distance acquaintances, he inquired, perched on the broad narra restarms.

Zenaida screamed from her chamber, her voice clear and piercing like a pair of razor-sharp claws.

It was Don Julio who climbed up onto the window ledge and stared out through the pink and white cadena de amor vines that hung down from above. They looked like the woman’s strewn-out hair as she stood at the gate in a basic brown skirt with a fading overskirt and a slouchy white camisa. Despite her brown plastic slippers, her feet were teetering on the gravel.

He ordered a servant to “Open the gate,” and placed the newspaper on his sidetable, folded to include the obituaries. A glance revealed the passing of Don Esteban… fallecio en Manila… se ruega no envien flores….. Esteban had paid a wartime debt that, had it been documented, might have been cancelled in court… because he thought a debt of honour bound a man more rigorously, as a measure of his masculinity and existence.

Outside his wife’s door, Don Julio made his way to the hallway. He’s a relative of mine. Never refer to her as ‘that woman.’ ” He was patiently awaiting her reply. In the absence of a response, he took the risk of trying her lock.

His nose was assaulted by an overpowering whiff of old perfume as he walked in… The sun-bleached yellow curtains from previous housekeeping sealed the chamber off from the capitol’s prying eyes. No longer a fan of looking in the mirror, he scurried away from it… Her back was against an outstanding assortment of jerseys emblazoned with the hues and leaves of some overripe garden while Zenaida brushed her fingernails.

The voice he used to lure her into bed urged, “Don’t call her that lady.”

When she looked up at him, she saw him sitting on a crimson-cushioned chair with her, the young succulent wife, distractedly glancing to one side.

While blowing her cuticles and hanging her leg over the newspaper spread with images of society ladies, she eventually murmured, “She’s your cousin, not mine,” and smiled amusedly at herself.

In order to avoid startling his wife, Don Julio approached her with a hand outstretched to touch the hair that had become brittle from the several applications of Jolo beer and essence hairspray.

She glared at him with a flounce of her eyes.

Please return them, hija… I’ll do my best to make things right with you. “

Anyhow, the necklace is rather antique. weathered and tattered…It’s not who you are to do that…

When I asked her, “What necklace do you mean?” Don Julio was about to caress Zenaida’s bare skin when she jerked away. His embarrassment brought out a little kitten giggle from her, revealing her delicate teeth and lovely tongue darts. There is no jewellery like that that belonged to her, and I’m not an elderly woman. You must have lied to me. “…

The purple dressing gown’s pockets were rummaged through as Don Julio put his hands back to his sides.

His hips drooped because of the way the waist belt was knotted.

Do as I say and you’ll get something worth many times as much… something youthful and lovely, something brand new. “

“You can make your own decision.”

What kind of necklace am I still unsure of? ” Zenaida washed her hair and spritzed her ears with Gloria de Paris before going to work. Her eyes were watering from the mist. She groaned and rubbed her hands together vigorously, as if she had just awoken from a nap in the afternoon. She squinted her eyes inward. On the forehead and around the eyes, there are no creases or wrinkles. She had just turned twenty and was just getting started in life. Smiling self-deprecatingly, she pretended to cajole a hidden lover who had offended her in the sight of the elderly guy.

Her dresser’s mirror wings suddenly revealed Don Julio’s frantic struggle to cover the distance. His wrinkled feet slid easily into and out of his purple slippers as he went, and she was pleased by the sight.

So, what are you looking for? In order to keep his lungs from filling up, Don Julio bent his shoulders and leaned against the back of the chair where Zenaida had been sitting.

Zaida opened the closet with her delicate, white-fingered fingers and muttered, “This.”

His gaze was drawn upward to the gold filigree necklace, the glass pendant containing a relic, and the glass-inlaid cross.

Zenaida raised it and swung it in front of him, watching him follow the flaming trail of sunlight it left in the air with ragged eyes. When Don Julio looked at his cousin Sepa, who was sitting on the edge of her chair in the living room, her ancient face was more faded than any of the photos on the walls. He was unable to remember her as a young woman. In the years since his first wife, Gloria, died in childbirth, he hadn’t seen her.

Sepa remained silent, as if trying to keep the fragments of her face together. With her head tilted to one side, she kept her eyes locked on the cup of chocolate in front of her, ignoring the flight of a huge green fly over it. She laid her hands on her lap and carefully stroked them together, as if she were attempting to feel her own skin. With her head turned to the other side, she gazed at the sunlight shining on the waxed floor and closed her eyes to relax.

Sepa showed up determined to get her jewellery back, which she had pawned a month earlier. Instead of contacting an agency, she decided against it since she didn’t believe in them. When her granddaughter Antonia asked her if Julio would give her more money, she assured her, “Yes, he will.” She had wanted the necklace since childhood, but it remained in her possession, and she had no choice but to pawn it. Her first wife, Gloria, was the one to whom she had promised it. It seemed as though they’d all grown up together. When she returned to the house, Julio was nowhere to be seen, so she decided to take out a modest loan to help pay for Antonia’s tuition. The money had been graciously provided by Zenaida in his place… She tried it on, carelessly peering in the full-length mirror, and Sepa observed her… Sepa had frequently fantasised about wearing the gold filigree necklace that hung haphazardly from her neck, but she had never had the courage to do so. Sepa, take your time with the repayment. We are confident in your abilities. And we’re always here if you need us to be… I’d want to see any other vintage pieces of jewelry that have been in your family for years.

“Do you require anything else?” Julian inquired. Antonio, I’ll be there to help her get through college. Gloria’s first child and mine, my son, You’ll recall Federico, right? Having been promoted to the position of superintendent, he’ll hire Antonia at the drop of a hat. As a result, she can keep the necklace.

In a low, regretful tone, Sepa replied, “I have come to redeem the jewellery.”

With the aid of a huge safety pin, she removed a handkerchief that had been attached to the inside of her camisa. Untying the tangled ends took her some time. She took her time unrolling it and placed it on her lap. The money was curled up like dried worms. She took them one at a time, placing them hesitantly on the palm of one hand before reaching out to him, the brown, orange, and white hues in her eyes blurring. With the handkerchief in hand, she wiped the tears from her eyes. She cried silently, unable to figure out how to persuade him to accept the money as she rocked back and forth on the edge of her chair.

To Don Julio’s annoyance, Sepa said, “Stop, Sepa. You’re too old for that. ” I couldn’t get in since the door was locked. He extended his hand to give Sepa a hand pat. Don’t shed any tears. Let’s have a chat about it.

Sepa said to him, “I remember your father,” and he said, “The horses were brilliant in their bronze harnesses.”

She looked up at her mother on the wall and smiled. Gloria grabbed these photos from Don Macario’s house after it burned down and claimed Don Julio’s non-existent heritage in order to impress her friends. When Don Julio was brought to Don Macario’s house as a servant, Don Macario nurtured him as a companion to his own son, and Don Julio never revealed this fact.

In the days following Mom’s passing, we were all given a share of her jewellery. Her fingers were coiled around the wrapped money in her palm as Sepa pressed her question. Despite my requests, Ate ended up with the necklace, despite my protestations that it belonged to him. What happened to the word you gave me that you’d get it back?

Even though he was just 13 at the time, he felt the need to show his developing manhood with a display of gallantry.

Remember, Julio, when you purchased the necklace from Ate with the first significant money you made? Instead of me giving you a present for your wedding, you gave it to me. You laughed as you handed it to me. When Gloria was still living, I pawned it to you, and then again now. “

Don Julio hurriedly turned away when he noticed the distorted fingers extending the tightly folded money. He marched up to Zenaida’s chamber sternly, a man determined to pay back a debt of honour. I couldn’t get the lock to turn.

He screamed, “Zenaida!” What about that necklace? Bring it along. Now. “

Zenaida stayed secluded in her chamber.

In an attempt to push the knob, Don Julio’s hands grasped it. This noise sounded like the rattling of bones. He let go of the door knob and, unable to look Sepa in the eyes, knocked lightly on the door with his head lowered.

With his voice cracking on the board, “Zenaida” was all he could muster. I’m coming to pay you a visit. “

Zenaida’s loud voice pierced the long corridor’s quiet as he strolled across the hall to his own room and waited.

The Transparent Sun Summary
The Transparent Sun Summary


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