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Umich President PDF
Umich President PDF
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The University of Michigan presidents are constitutional officers who act as the university’s chief executive officers. According to Michigan’s state constitution, the Board of Regents selects the University of Michigan’s president. The post has been held by fourteen people, thirteen of whom were males and one of whom was a woman, plus a number of others who served in an acting or temporary capacity.

Umich President PDF
Umich President PDF

It was formerly held by Mark Schlissel, who was appointed in 2014 and removed in 2022, and was succeeded by Mary Sue Coleman as interim president.

The Michigan Constitution of 1850 established the position and stipulated that the president would be chosen by the University of Michigan Regents and preside over their sessions, but he or she would not have a vote. The office was defined in November 2018 by Article VIII, Section 5 of the 1963 Constitution: “The regents of the University of Michigan and their successors in office shall constitute a body corporate known as the Regent of the University of Michigan; each board shall, whenever necessary, elect a president of the institution under its supervision…”Ex-officio, he will be a member of the board of directors, but he will not be able to vote or preside over board meetings.

As required by law, the Board of Regents had to choose a chancellor to run the University of Michigan between 1837 and 1850; they never did, and a rotating roster of academics took care of the day-to-day administration instead.

While the contemporary office was established in 1850, the University of Michigan itself can be traced back to 1817, when its predecessor, the University of Michigania, was established. Even though Rev. John Monteith, the institution’s sole president, is listed among the university’s past leaders, his tenure as president is not recognised by the university.

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