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Uno is a very popular card game that is played by a lot of people all over the world. To play this game, you have to match cards and then get rid of them until there are no more in your hand. Uno has been around for a long time now, and there are now many different ways to play it. Here are the rules of the original or classic game of Uno, which you can play with your friends.

The game is for two to ten people, ages seven and up. There are seven cards for each player, and they are all dealt face down. A “draw pile” is where the other cards are placed face down. There should be a place next to the pile where you can throw things away. The top card should be put in the discard pile, and the game can start now!

If you want to play, you can start with the person to the left of the dealer (you can also pick the youngest person). The game usually moves in a clockwise direction. Every player looks at his or her cards and tries to match them with the cards in the discard pile.


By number, colour, or symbol/action, you have to match them to the right one. Suppose the discard pile has an 8 in red. You have to put in either another red card or another card with an 8 on it. It’s also possible to play a wild card (which can alter the current colour in play).

They have to draw from the draw pile if they don’t play any of their cards, even if they might have a match. Make sure that the card can be played. Other than that, you can keep your card and the game moves to the next person in turn. You can also play a wild card on your turn, or a Wild Draw Four card.


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