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Water by the Spoonful PDF
Water by the Spoonful PDF
No. Of Pages: 57
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Language: English
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Water by the Spoonful Summary

  • Elliot (a Puerto Rican American and disabled Iraq war veteran) has breakfast at the cafeteria at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, where Yaz is a lecturer.
  • Elliot has asked one of Yaz’s colleague lecturers to interpret an Arabic word that has been stuck in his brain for years.
  • “Odessa, Elliot’s biological mother, sits in her living room and goes onto an internet forum for recovering crack users, which she runs under the alias Haikumom.
  • Orangutan and Chutes and Ladders, the forum’s two other current members, also log in.
  • The Orangutan hasn’t checked in in three months and has revealed that she has relocated to Japan to teach English, where she was born before being adopted by Americans.
  • They are both informed that Elliot’s aunt, whom he regards as his true mother because she raised him, is in the hospital on a breathing machine and is ready to die.
  • Elliot shatters a mirror at work in a rage, and Yaz arrives to pick him up and transport him to the hospital.
  • He admits to being addicted to crack, but maintains he’s not a true addict because it’s merely a psychological issue for him, and he’s gone to the “experts” for advice on how to quit smoking crack.
  • Elliot and Yaz sit in a flower store together to escape their relatives and choose a funeral arrangement for Mami Ginny.
  • Orangutan confides in Chutes & Ladders on the forum that she feels alone, lonely, and alienated from the world, with no true “flesh-and-blood” interactions in her life.
  • She invites Chutes and Ladders to pay her a personal visit in Japan, but he is hesitant, fearful of unpredictability and concerned that Orangutan will be disappointed with who he is.
  • Odessa and John (Fountainhead) meet for coffee and discuss addiction and rehabilitation, during which John discloses that he originally lied and has been a daily crack user for two years.
  • Yaz and Elliot arrive while they are conversing, enraged with Odessa for failing to pay for her portion of the flowers for Mami Ginny’s burial.
  • Despite Yaz and Odessa’s attempts to dissuade him, Elliot tells John about how Odessa killed her own daughter and Elliot’s sister when they were children due to neglect induced by her crack addiction.
  • When Yaz and Elliot go to Odessa’s residence to reclaim her computer, Elliot discovers the forum open and speaks briefly with Orangutan, who confesses that Elliot was addicted to painkillers while in a military hospital and overdosed three times.
  • Later, Orangutan and Chutes and Ladders are conversing on the forum again.
  • is eager to inform Chutes & Ladders that she is about to see her biological mother, but Chutes & Ladders urges her not to, recalling his own rejection by his son and the anguish it caused him, as well as his drug relapse.
  • She is so enraged that she swears to never talk to Chutes and Ladders again and declares that she will continue her search for her true mother.
  • Simultaneously, Chutes & Ladders sells his automobile in order to purchase a plane ticket to Japan.
  • When they are unable to contact Odessa, they kick in her front door and discover her comatose on the floor, having overdosed—her first time using crack after six years of abstinence.
  • As they wait for the ambulance, Yaz clutches Odessa’s body and gets a short vision of a shaft of light falling from above with Odessa floating in it.
  • During her vision, she tells Odessa that she can pass on if necessary, and she tells Elliot that he must forgive his biological mother.
  • After three days of silence, Orangutan returns to the forum to find Chutes and Ladders waiting for her.
  • The Fountainhead comes on from a hospital computer and tells them that Haikumom has overdosed and he is with her in the hospital since she named him as her emergency contact and no family has arrived.
  • Chutes and ladders convince Fountainhead to stay with Odessa until she is safely out of the hospital and in rehabilitation.
  • Yaz announces herself on the site from a hotel room in Puerto Rico, where she and Elliot have travelled to disperse Mami Ginny’s ashes, and asks whether the forum users will allow her to function in Haikumom’s place.
  • Elliot is annoyed that she is on the forum at all, but they swiftly decide to leave for the waterfall where Mami Ginny requested to be buried.
  • For the first time, Orangutan and Chutes and Ladders meet in person in a Japanese airport, hugging and revealing their true identities.
  • Yaz and Elliot toss Mami Ginny’s ashes over the waterfall together in Puerto Rico.
  • Meanwhile, Elliot has chosen to go to Los Angeles in order to pursue his ambition of being an actor and to get away from his family and its vices.
Water by the Spoonful PDF
Water by the Spoonful PDF

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