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When the Emperor Was Divine PDF
When the Emperor Was Divine PDF
No. Of Pages: 104
PDF Size: 562 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Julie Otsuka

It’s a book about a Japanese-American family that was sent to an internment camp in the Utah desert during World War II. It was written by American author Julie Otsuka. The book, which is based on the wartime experiences of Otsuka’s mother’s family, [1] is written from the points of view of four family members. It tells us how they were evicted from California and how they spent their time in a camp. It is Otsuka’s first book, and it was published in the United States by Alfred A. Knopf in 2002.

When the Emperor Was Divine Summary

She tells a storey about Japanese Americans during WWII called “When the Emperor Was Divine.” It’s a fictional version of what happened to them when they were taken away from their homes during the internment period. The storey is about a Japanese American family. There is a father, a mother, a son, and a daughter in the family. The family members don’t have names, which makes their storey more relatable. The book is broken up into five parts, each told from the point of view of a different member of the family. The first chapter, from the mother’s point of view, shows how the family is getting ready to leave for the camp. The second chapter, from the girl’s point of view, takes place on the train as the family moves to their internment place. They spent three years in Topaz, Utah, at an internment camp. The third chapter, from the boy’s point of view, tells about that time. Boy and girl perspectives are combined in the fourth chapter, which tells us about how the family came back home and how they tried to rebuild their lives, as well as how they were treated in the post-war anti-Japanese world. The last chapter is a confession from the father’s point of view, and it is written in a way that is direct to the reader.

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