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Yertle the Turtle PDF
Yertle the Turtle PDF
No. Of Pages: 46
PDF Size: 6.07 MB
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Dr. Seuss

Yertle the Turtle Summary

The storey takes place on the far-off island of Sala-ma-Sond, which is ruled by King Yerlte the Turtle. Despite the fact that everyone in the pond was content with things as they were, Yerlte the Turtle desired a larger domain.

He thinks that if he can see more territory, it immediately becomes part of his kingdom, and he therefore has a larger dominion. As a result, he requests the construction of a towering throne from which he can survey his vast empire. He builds a throne of turtles to sit atop, using members of his own kingdom, other turtles.

However, he immediately felt dissatisfied with the throne and demanded an even larger throne so that he could expand his empire. At the bottom, Mack, the turtle who made up the throne, was at the bottom and complained about his back problems, which Yerlte the Turtle continued to dismiss throughout the novel.

The throne eventually gets too tall for Mack to bear, and he burps, causing the throne to collapse. Because that’s all he can see anymore, Yerlte the Turtle falls into the pond and becomes King of the Mud. The other turtles, including Mack, are set free and live happily ever after.

Yertle the Turtle PDF
Yertle the Turtle PDF

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